Saturday, November 23, 2013

great room, easy style

as another project nears the finish line, i happily celebrate the adorable family that invited me into their home! as they were inspired by some of my previous work, i was able to help my clients realize their own vision. for a young family, the space had to be both functional and durable. through color, pattern and texture we were able to achieve the rustic yet elegant touch this great room begged for.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

beach chic

With summer comes another sorority house project. The DG's at University of Iowa have asked me to step in and fully renovate the living room. Last summer, we began the transformation with new flooring, new window treatments and fresh paint. This summer, a complete overhaul of the furniture and accessories. Pieces from West Elm, Pottery Barn and custom photography from Tony Favarula Photography give this room the beach chic feel it was destined to have. Whimsical and sophisticated, the room screams happiness. Here is a little peek at what the Bumblebeet Design team has accomplished!
As an added bonus, they asked me to freshen up the formal living area which was renovated a few years back. My team seamlessly blended new upholstery, new furniture and all new accessories with an existing color scheme and style. I think it came together flawlessly.
Custom made chair pads made by the Bumblebeet team to compliment the newly upholstered wing back chairs.
The wing back chairs that we had reupholstered in a current and lively fabric.
The table and chairs purchased to create a library feel within the large space. The girls needed more surface area to study individually or in a group setting.
New entry cabinet stocked with sweet treats as they come and go from the house.
It was a pleasure to brighten up the space for a fabulous group of deserving women!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

delta gamma renovations in the press

while credit may not have been given, press is press and i am proud to have been a part of this transformation!

Check out Delta Gamma alumni tour renovated chapter house - The Daily Iowan

thanks for all of your support!


gothic revival once more

gothic, alive and well in the form of quatrefoil, mainly used as tracery to support elaborately elegant and vibrant stained glass, now used as pattern to define an era. whether it's used to illuminate the background of a floor to ceiling bookcase, or to anchor a room in the form of an oversized area rug, quatrefoil has many uses and a place in my design heart.

LEED by example

as i study for the LEED green associate exam (leadership in energy and environmental design), i am reminded that the little things can make a world of difference in our everyday lives. as i strive to conquer eco-chic design, i challenge my friends to kick one eco-destructive habit of their own. so if you're employed by a company that insists on using styrofoam cups, bring in your own re-usable cup, or at the very least stop using several styrofoam cups throughout the day...take one and stick with it. these are the mindless things we do, things we've been trained to do living in this land of excess. be mindful, think before you do.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

small patio, simple style

as promised, i have captured a few pictures of a basic patio design recently completed for a client of mine. as a single man with a busy life, the design had to be easy to maintain with little fuss and no frill. we went with simple, timeless furniture complimented by bold pops of color in the floral arrangements and pillows. easy wear, easy clean, easy to enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

vintage glamor

all images via martha stewart

the sparkling, brilliant shine of a well carved cake plate can add depth and light to any room. displayed on a lighted shelf, used as a centerpiece, stacked, grouped or sitting quietly on the kitchen counter, cake plates will always make a glamorous statement. mix colors, textures and patterns to add a bit of mystery. shop antique stores, or vintage retailers for cake plates with a bit of character. From function to fashion, cake plates always have a place in the home.

Monday, May 23, 2011

patio basics

as summer bursts with color, so should your outdoor living space. as i work with one of my clients to design an easy area for him to entertain, i have layered bold blues, greens and yellows to make a dynamic impact. geometric and solid patterns scattered between accent pillows, umbrellas, and planters help maintain the masculinity of the space. i have kept the furniture simple in color and style to allow for extended use, giving my client the opportunity to change with the trends by simply swapping out accessories. as the project pulls together, pictures will be posted!